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Dutch Oven Guide

Dutch oven history
Dutch Oven History

The name "Dutch Oven" has been used to refer to a variety of lidded pots over the generations. However, to fully understand what a real Dutch oven is and why this pot is important you have to understand the history behind this incredible cooking apparatus.


Dutch oven cookingDutch Oven Cooking

When most people think of Dutch oven cooking, they think of those tired looking pioneers cooking wild game or beans in those big black Dutch ovens. While Dutch ovens were used for this kind of cooking they were used for a lot more than that and in fact, there are many advantages to Dutch oven cooking that most people never expect.

Types of Dutch OvensTypes of Dutch Ovens

For those of you who want to learn Dutch oven cooking and recreate the meals that your grandparents, or great grandparents created then there is no better Dutch oven to choose than a good quality Cast Iron Dutch oven. Long before aluminum or stainless steel became the cookware of choice Cast Iron was providing appetizing meals for generations.

Dutch oven cleaning
Care & Cleaning

One of the things that makes food prepared in a Dutch oven taste so good is the way the Dutch oven is prepared for use, cared for over the years and cleaned. Knowing how to take care of and clean your Dutch oven can give you year upon year of wonderful tasting food and a pot that actually performs better the older it gets.

Reviews by brand
Reviews By Brand

For those of you who want to learn Dutch oven cooking and recreate the meals that your grandparents, or great grandparents created then there is no better Dutch oven to choose than a good quality Cast Iron Dutch oven. There are many high quality Dutch oven brands that you can choose from for your Dutch oven cooking.

Dutch oven recipesDutch Oven Recipes

Here you will find many different types of Dutch oven recipes, including chicken recipes, beef and port recipes, stews, seafood, desserts and many others.


 Latest Articles

  • The History of Dutch Ovens
    Dutch ovens known to have its own rich history, it has been produced back to the 1700’s. According to the fact in history that in 1803 when Thomas Jefferson asked Lewis and Clark to look for a water direction in the Pacific they were actually used a Dutch oven for their cooking along their voyage.
  • Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Ovens Are Easy to Use!
    When it comes to preparing all the food you love, Dutch ovens are a must. They can turn any dish into your favorite comfort food.
  • Essentials Tips on Dutch Oven Cooking
    For fun and hassle-free cooking then Dutch oven is the right choice of cookware for you. It has been in the market since the 1600’s and still lucrative despite the modernization and technology of appliances.
  • Dutch Oven For Outdoor Activities
    Dutch oven is one of the most essential cookware that you can have especially on during camping and hiking. Not only it will be very useful but it comes in handy so you don’t need to worry about how to bring them up. Dutch oven is very functional.
  • Discover Dutch Oven Cooking
    Cooking with a Dutch oven has a lot of advantages. It is so versatile that you’ll be able to do basically all of your cooking in one easy-to-use pot. It has high, thick walls that promote even heating. This way, you get perfectly cooked food every time.
  • Different Kinds of Dutch Ovens and How to Use Them
    Dutch ovens come in two different forms. The first kind is made to use on stovetops and ovens at home. For indoor use, these ovens have a flat bottom that can easily balance on top of a burner. Meanwhile, the second kind has a rounded bottom and typically comes with a three-legged stand.
  • Cooking With A Dutch Oven
    When it comes to outdoor cooking, Dutch ovens are the way to go. You’ll be surprised at the many types of food you’ll be able to make with one efficient tool. You’ll be able to make everything from crispy fried chicken to heartwarming soups and stews.
  • Cleaning A Dutch Oven
    Dutch oven despite its consistency and sturdiness needed proper cleaning up and maintenance. There are a lot of ways when it comes to cleaning a Dutch oven. Some people believe with the use of salts, others prefer the dishwashing soap and water.
  • Buying a Dutch Oven?
    Dutch ovens are the most popular choice for a lot of people who loves to cook. However, it can be hard to choose one that’s right for you.
  • A Primer on Cast Iron Cookware
    Besides cast iron cookware today, you’ll be able to find a lot of different kinds of cookware. A new development in kitchen technology has allowed us to use artificially coated pans like Teflon, so we have no problem with food sticking to the bottom of the pan.
  • Chilled Asparagus and Grape Salad
    Easy, nutritious, healthy and full of flavor; this dish is everything you are asking for.
  • Cheese Stuffed Red Peppers
    Amazing, remarkable and exquisitely delicious are the few things that you can say to this rich and full of flavour dish. A complete meal that will make you happy and full at the same time; this cheese stuffed red peppers is certainly a must have to your recipe box!
  • Broccoli and Macaroni with Lots of Garlic
    It's a quick and easy dish, and it makes a nice lunch or side dish for dinner. If you are garlic lover then this mouthwatering pasta dish will make you ask for more. This comfort food is definitely a kid’s favorite and even for adults everywhere!
  • Braised Collards with Caramelized Onions
    The sweetness and mouth–watering flavor form the caramelized onions is something that you love to have again and again. This healthy and full of nutrients is good for your growing children; start now and let them have this for them to start and enjoy eating vegetables.
  • Braised Baby Romaine
    Braising this Baby Romaine lettuce heads certainly preserve all the nutrients that bring you completely the flavors. With the crispiness from the bacon bits as it makes your children love this even more. Simple and easy to prepare and you can serve in just less than an hour!
  • Bologna and Cabbage
    Cabbage, carrots and potatoes not only gives nutrients but also a complete flavor that you can’t resist. This simple one pot meal is definitely a must try every now and then; best served with your favorite crusty bread or hot rice.
  • Blue Cheese and Chive Potato Salad
    This potato salad with blue cheese is definitely a winner to anyone’s taste, with onions and fresh herbs that makes the dish even more appetizing. This is an easy recipe for a great potato salad that you can serve in a picnic or barbecue; just make sure that the potatoes are not cooked too soft so it won’t sag.
  • Blue Cabbage
    Simple and easy dish that a lot of parents will agree; this cabbage dish is not only a comfort food for most of vegetarians but also to people who doesn’t have a lot of time but wanted to serve a nice and hearty appetizer.
  • Beet Risotto
    The fresh parsley and beets brings all together the flavor of this beautiful dish; with the creaminess from the cheese that allows the rice to taste amazingly exquisite. To serve simply spoon into 4 shallow bowls and garnish each bowl with a sprig of fresh Italian (flat-leaf) parsley.
  • Beefy Zucchini-tomato Casserole
    One of the best dish that you could prepare especially if love zucchini; this mouth-watering beef with zucchini is amazingly simmered in creamy and rich tomato sauce. A full meal already that will fill your empty stomach in just single serving!



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